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Face pack treatment for acne, pimples, skin infections and skin fairness

By – Dr. Abhimanyu Bishnu, integrated health practitioner


Acne, pimple and skin infection issues are common in young age groups, and sometimes also occur at a later age due to certain medical problems. The causes, at various ages, vary from hormonal imbalance, digestion issues, stress to pollution and dirt accumulation. If the acne/pimple gets infected, it needs immediate medical attention. In any case, these problems are an issue even if not infected, and need to be attended to thoroughly.

There has been a profusion of acne and pimple formulations in the market. While these are good, one can also resort to simple, cheap and effective homemade remedies for curing these problems.

In this article, we will see how to make a simple home-based facial treatment regime for acne, pimple and skin infections using commonly available ingredients,. It is also useful in lightening the skin tone and bringing fairness, and mitigating wrinkles/tans/ dark spots/ scars lines.


  • Orange or lemon peels
  • Cream (eg . Amul). Plain Dahi (Curd) can also be used alternatively.
  • Honey
  • Besan ( Chickpea flour)
  • Turmeric ( Haldi)- organic turmeric or fresh turmeric is the best if you can get it from the market.


  • Grate the orange/ lemon peels with water thoroughly in the mixer and make a paste, enough for one large sized glass.
  • Add 2 tsf of cream or 5 tsf of curd, and 2 tsf of honey.
  • Add 2 tsf besan and 1 tsf turmeric powder to this.
  • Herbal powder formulations such as Eladi Churnam are available from companies like Kottakal Arya Vaidyashala (there is usually a Kotakkal pharmacy in most cities). This is a good combination of more than twenty Ayurvedic ingredients such as Ila, Brihadela, Tagara , Kumkuma etc , and can be used along with the above face pack by adding along with the above ingredients. This makes it a complete medicine for facial treatment. It gives a brownish colour to the mixture. 
Elaidi churnam
Eladi Churnam
  • Mix all the ingredients thoroughly. You can use a bowl and spoon, or   you can use the mixer once more, for a better blend and thorough mixing ( important for absorption into skin) . Add water only to the extent of making a semisolid paste.  The thicker the paste, the better. Allow the paste to settle for 5 min.
  • Wash face thoroughly and dry by mopping with a towel. For better results, you can use a face washing gel such as Aloe Vera face wash (available with various companies such as Himalaya, Patanjali etc).
  • Apply the paste to face and neck liberally and uniformly. Concentrate on areas having scars/ acne/ pimple/ infections, and apply more quantity.
  • Let the paste dry thoroughly. You can use a hair dryer very lightly to let the paste dry thoroughly if the environment is too humid.
  • Time is precious for all of us!! You can do any other activity simultaneously in this time period, while the face pack is on, provided you are sitting or lying down. Reading/music would be an excellent way to utilize your time.
  • After 45 min- 1 hr, remove the dried paste from the face by peeling it off. Be careful not to scratch with fingernails which can cause scars. Also be careful of the acne/ pimple/ infection area.
  • Remove the remaining paste by washing your face thoroughly. Use warm water if possible.
  • Dry the face. Apply a simple moist herbal aloe vera/ tulsi/ neem cream or gel on the face. Avoid chemical moisturizers.



                                                              After application and after drying

Other instructions and precautions:

  • This regime should be carried out twice/ thrice a week till the infection subsides. The face pack treatment should be done at least once/ twice a week even after the infection has stopped.
  • The face pack should be ideally made fresh before use. If you are storing it in the freezer, keep in a plastic container, in the chill tray/ fresh zone just below the freezer in your refrigerator. Try to use it within 3-4 days.
  • Sometimes, infections are persistent and take time to cure. Skin infections are notorious for being chronic. So, do not be disappointed and persist with the treatment, for full results. Consult a dermatologist if required.
  • Sometimes, severe persistent infections require the use of Clindamycin (Erytop/ Eryacne) antibiotic creams, which can be used simultaneously if required for one or two months depending on the severity and then stopped . Use on the affected areas only, twice a day. Clindamycin cream should be applied after, and not before the facial pack treatment.
  • Do NOT use steroid creams ( such as Panderm) , which usually flare up the infections.
  • Follow basic dietary precautions like avoiding oily and fatty food. Avoid junk food.
  • Try not to eat the paste!!! It may taste quite good and is actually a source of nutrition J- in fact, it attracts ants quite a bit, so be sure to clean the clothes and sheets/ towels used, thoroughly!!
  • Regular face washes and hygiene is very important, so be sure to maintain this.

Good luck !! Here’s to clear, glowing skin, and  good facial health 😊

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